University of Lahore

We at the University are continuously striving for excellence. A dedicated medical education department is the key for such success. For this purpose a faculty has been developed comprising of local, national and international members. The aim is to produce doctors with high moral ethics combined with capabilities of critical thinking, leadership, and research.

The faculty and students are provided with the most modern and well equipped class rooms, lecture halls, and laboratory facilities. The campus has a skill and simulation lab that provides early practical and clinical exposure to students. We are passing through an exciting and challenging times in health care.Faculty members place the highest value on teaching, service, and research as reflected in our work with students.

Health professions are among the fastest growing occupations. UCMD is ready to help meet the demand for health professionals by offering innovative programs that prepare our graduates for society’s health care needs. We believe that our students after graduating will lead the change to healthier, happier communities as the next generation of healthcare leaders.

The medical and dental college programs are recognized from PMDC, HEC & CPSP<

I encourage you to explore your interest in health sciences, and to begin your journey by reviewing the UOL website and learn about the many programs available here in other disciplines as well. I invite every eligible candidate to join UOL and together we move toward an exciting new era of health education, research, and service.

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