University of Lahore

Mission Statement

The aim of the college is to produce doctors who are abreast of modern scientific advancements and at the same time aware of the special medical and social needs of the community in the Pakistani setting.

Dean Message

We at the University are continuously striving for excellence. A dedicated medical education department is the key for such success. For this purpose a faculty has been developed comprising of local, national and international members. The aim is to produce doctors with high moral ethics combined with capabilities of critical thinking, leadership, and research.

HoD Message

University College of Medicine & Dentistry offers an integrated curriculum of Dental Medicine & Surgery to train doctors who will be prepared to practice general dentistry, to prepare foundations for those who want to specialize in various disciplines of  Dental & Maxillo-Facial surgery, to produce teachers for next generation and to produce specialists with highest level of competence and professionalism.